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I can only say, with one hundred percent certainty that I love you. That I live and breathe for you. That I would lay down my life a million times over for you. And no matter what happens tomorrow, next week, next year, my heart will always be yours. —A. Meredith WaltersLight in the Shadows  (via angelinalouu)


When you wake up in the morning and you get irritated at the fact that you have school, work or just a boring day at home.

- Tell yourself: I will put in my best because it may be my last.
- Tell yourself: I will put a smile on my face, be it for myself but also for others.
- Tell yourself: I will be happy, because only when I am happy, Lady Luck will be with me.
- Tell yourself: I will be productive, because I am living life to the fullest.
- Tell yourself: I will enjoy my day, that way I am satisfied.

When you stand in front of the mirror, thinking about how fat your cheeks are, how your stomach looks like spare tires, how your forehead looks protruding, how your eyes seems too far apart, how your nose seems flat or how “un-pretty” you are.

- Tell yourself: This is me, I am unique.
- Tell yourself: This is me, nobody else can be me.
- Tell yourself: This is me, I am deserving.
- Tell yourself: This is me, I am fucking gorgeous. No bitch is gonna tell me otherwise. Or I’ll shove a fucking large wok up their ass.

When you face an obstacle/trouble like people treating you unfairly, people taking advantage of you, people bitching about you, people hating on you.

- Tell yourself: I know myself better than you do.
- Tell yourself: I know I didn’t do it. You can accuse me for all I fucking care.
- Tell yourself: I know I am wasting my time dealing with things that won’t make me smile. So I shan’t care.
- Tell yourself: I know that people are stepping over me, BUT I also know they will trip over me soon.
- Tell yourself: I know I have other things better to do than to care about such nonsense.

When you’re depressed, down or when you simply hate yourself because you think you’re useless, you think you’re worthless, you think nobody cares.

- Tell yourself: My parents care, my grandparents care, my friends care, my teachers care, even my pets care.
- Tell yourself: Today, I am gonna get my shit right, sort my shit out, pull my shit together, and tomorrow I will start afresh.
- Tell yourself: Today, I am going to help someone, I am going to put a smile on somebody’s face.
- Tell yourself: Today, I am going to get a good rest, drown my sorrows in music, and tomorrow it’s a brand new day.
- Tell yourself: Today, I simply got unlucky. Tomorrow, things will be better, I know it will be. I know.

If you’re facing a problem, rest first. Nap first. Sleep first. Your mind is too stress to deal with it immediately. You need to calm yourself down and think rationally. You’re problem may not be as complicated as you think it is.

My english isn’t great, sorry for any grammatical errors (to those grammar police). But I hope, tomorrow will be a better day for you love.

I either eat too much or starve myself. Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights. Fall in love very hard or hate passionately. I don’t know what grey is. I never did. —(via theshrinking)


Mutant Strawberry Death by Alan Sailer